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I’m Hannah R but in this little corner of the internet I’m known as The Different Girl.

I’m just a Jesus loving, crazy dreaming, berry loving kind of girl.

I love a good book and real talk with a friend.

I’m just trying to learn to love my quirks and be who God has made me to be. I’m going to take you along that journey with me, I hope to encourage you along the way and remind you of the truth!

I’d love for you to explore more of this website, I have blog posts, videos, free resources and an ebook.

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Are you feeling burnt out and hopeless?

christian devotional

 I totally get how busy you are and that's why this is a simple 15 day devotional!

Each day I take you through one of the many emotions us girls face and remind you of God’s truth and a prayer to help you connect with God.

Grab this devotional for two weeks worth of real talk and hope!