The adventures of Hannah

Just a Jesus loving, crazy dreaming, book nerd kind of girl ⭐️

On this blog I share my ups and downs, rambles and things God is teaching me.

I’m a little bit different and quirky compared to your average girl

and haven’t had the most linear path but thats just who I am🤪.

Join this different girls journey🌻



I realised a while ago that I wasn’t very good at this gratitude thing and thats where it kind of stayed for a while. Everyone

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Different times

March has been a strange month with many different emotions going on. The last half of the month has consisted with a lot of time

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God provides.

I have officially been in The Netherlands for over a month. It has come with many waves of emotions and various ups and downs. Its

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Change is hard.

I got a plane by myself with a one way ticket to The Netherlands, not scary at all she says sarcastically haha. I’ve wanted to

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Books I read in 2019

Another year is ending and I just love to look back on what has happened. One of the ways I do that is by recapping

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