3 years of The Different Girl

July 20, 2019

On 20 July 2016 I randomly started a Christian Instagram account. I had recently discovered this Christian Instagram account community and loved reading everyone’s posts. A month before I had no idea other girls my age where writing devotions and sharing what God was teaching them.

I was going through a really tough time at school and just mentally at this time and I guess I just needed something to take my mind off things. Starting a blog was something I’d really liked the idea of doing for quite a while but I wasn’t really clued up all things the internet because I hadn’t instagram or YouTube for a while.

My Instagram account then turned into a whole brand including a blog, YouTube channel and I even wrote an ebook.

2016 Hannah had no clue what she was signing up for but it just felt like an adventure with Jesus and I was so excited. 2016 Hannah no idea there was two different WordPresses, or what an email list or SEO was or even that Pinterest was more than pretty pictures. I’m constantly learning new things because this is all so different to what I thought. There have been many ups and downs, it’s not an easy task but I really do love it.

I’ve been in a creative rut lately and I think because of all the unknown in my life going on at the moment I have been feeling like a lack of motivation and trapped in a little comparison and fear bubble.

With doing all these things online and sharing my life and struggles I often get really overwhelmed with fear of what other people will think of me.

I’ve made some really great friends online that I have monthly FaceTimes with, which is totally bizarre to me but I absolutely love connecting with other bloggers as I don’t have any blogging friends in real life.

This whole experience has really pushed me out of my comfort zone, God has really taught me a lot of myself and Him through this experience.

So I’m really looking forward to this next year of creating and growing. I am very thankful to God for making this a reality and being with me through every step of the way.

Thanks for supporting me and following along! I’ve love to know when you joined the journey and how you found my content!

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