5 books for the girl who's struggling

5 books for the girl who is having a hard time

November 19, 2018

My to be read list is constantly growing! I just love a good book especially a Christian one. I have found them to be such an encouragement on this journey. It’s great way to be encouraged and be reminded of biblical truths while learning new things.

If you are not a lover of books, maybe try audio books? I have such a passion for books and reading, that’s why I wanted to gather some books together to chat about.

If you are looking for more Christian books to read, click this graphic to get access to a list.


Here are some books that can help give you a bit of a boost, remind you take a deep breath and help you feel like you can tackle the world again.

Wild and Free by Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan

a book for the girl who's having a hard time

This book uncovers the masks we see easily have been wearing for years. You know that thing that you hide so well, the busy schedule you hide behind or the I’m so independent mask you wear, it’s holding you back from the true freedom you desire.

Hayley and Jess take you through why these things need to change and how we can step into this freedom.

You will really be able to connect with the parts they share about they way they have felt too much or not enough because we all are trying to figure this out, aren’t we? They’ll help you through it.

They certainly taught me what God’s version of wild and free was and even though I’ve know Jesus for years, this was mind blowing for me.

When Jess shares her need for structure and how she realised planning didn’t fit into her relationship with God, i was like Amen in my head😂. Because I need to learn that too.

Super real encouragement that speaks straight to your heart about who Jesus is in situations we all face and forget what the bigger picture is.

Live Fearless by Sadie Robertson

Live Fearless by Sadie Robertson

So when we had to write down a list of fears as one of the challenges early on in this book it really hit me. I needed to deal with this fear.

This book shares powerful truth and encouragement for everyone.

Something that really helped me grasp what it meant to Live Fearless was this quote from the book, “Overcoming fear means surrendering control” I think that’s exactly it, we as humans don’t want to surrender control. We are always trying to figure out things on our own and then somehow along the line we realise fear has crept in and we need God to help us deal with it.

Through sharing parts of her story throughout the book, Sadie really shows how God can work in and change you.

Sadie gives practical advice on how to live fearlessly, starting off by saying “It’s also vital to trust God while you’re still afraid”

5 books for the girl who is having a hard time

He’s Making Diamonds by S.G Willoughby

This book Reminds you that God is right there with you in the pain and you can openly bring your questions to him
Sara walks through the identity struggle and carefully walks you through the understanding of where our identity lies.
As she reminds us of the truth we need to believe in our sicknesses there is the constant reminder of Gods word and the source of truth.
This book has been such an amazing encouragement for me, I’ve never read a book like it! If you’re suffering with a chronic illness this book will really help guide you along the journey!

Still Waiting by Ann Swindell

How to wait well? Still waiting book reviewAnn shares her struggle with tritch in a way that is so real and honest that makes it easy to connect with her.

If you think you don’t qualify as being in a waiting season, Ann reminded me of the bigger picture- how we are all in a waiting season, waiting for God to come back.

She takes you through many different aspects of the way waiting can effect you. I found the chapter on identity so helpful as it’s so easy to get caught up in letting our circumstances define us.

Ann always points you back to Jesus through her personal journey.

She also focuses on the story from the Bible of the bleeding women and it fascinated me as I had never thought of this story in a way that really connected with my own life.

Her biblical encouragement really helped in me gain perspective and be encouraged me to keep fighting. Highly recommend!

Your own beautiful by Chelsea Crockett

Your own beautiful by Chelsea Crockett Book Review

I made a video about this book awhile ago on my YouTube Channel.

Watch the video






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I’d love to hear any of your book recommendations or current reads! Let’s have a chat in the comments.
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    I’ll have to add Still Waiting to my to-read list! Thanks Hannah!

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