How to battle your insecurities?

July 3, 2019

Do you ever feel like your mind is racing and that everything feels chaotic? Me too, girl! Sometimes I feel like my own worst enemy in the way I am so critical of myself, I overthink and compare all in my mind! My OCD makes things worse too.

It’s a horrible feeling so defeated and inadequate just from the words we speak to ourselves! So I’m here to tell you that we need to work together to stop this! Because we are actually telling ourselves lies and it’s NOT okay, do you hear me?

I love how Jordan Lee Dooley says it ‘if you wouldn’t say it to a friend don’t say it to yourself’

So how exactly are we supposed to battle all these lies? I’m going to give you some practical tips that I am trying to implement into my own life to help me, let me make it clear I don’t have this figured it and I genuinely battle with this all the time!

battle insecurities

Acknowledge what you are feeling and figure out if it’s the truth or a lie- you’re feelings are valid but they don’t define you. Journal them out!

Battle those lies with the truth- we can only replace the lies with the truth if we know the truth and the author of truth-God himself. The Bible is the truth! You know those verses that are popular and you see on Pinterest images, I often don’t want to talk about them because I feel like everyone knows them but you know what, whether the verse is popular or not Gods word is powerful and he wants us to use it to battle the lies, so don’t dismiss His words.

Read your Bible and pray- you probably rolled your eyes at this point because you think it’s the Christian answer. I know it can be frustrating when everyone tells you this but surely if everyone is telling you this there must be some importance in it. Well there is HUGE importance in this because like I said God himself is the author of the truth.christian devotional

If you are struggling to understand the bible and are unsure how to study it, I want to point you to this amazing resource my friend Ashley created. It’s called the Basic Bible Course and it is full of practical tips and encouragement on how to understand the Bible and learn from it. I have gone through it and was inspired by it and able to implement new things into my Bible time. Find out more information on it here.

*I am an affiliate for this course so I will receive a small amount if you choose to purchase this course. This is my genuine opinion.

If you are looking for a practical way to understand Gods truth alongside your Bible, I recently read an amazing book that outlines verses and  explains the truth on specific topics you may be going through. I highly recommend it, I was so encouraged by this book-It is Written Courtney Wilson, find out more info here. The main things I was reminded of is God’s goodness, how He is always working behind the scenes even we don’t feel it and He is trustworthy and will provide at His perfect timing.

So I hope these tips help you feel more equipped to fight these lies. Let me know how you cope with your insecurities!

Photo by Vadim Sadovski on Unsplash

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