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Behind the scenes of writing an ebook | Why I wrote Glimmers of Hope?

August 20, 2018
I have big dreams. Writing is something that makes my heart smile. Since I was younger I’ve attempted to write many books, I really want to write a real book.

But every time I try I get so overwhelmed and closed up. And so through praying about this dream and my struggles, I felt God encourage me to start somewhere. I didn’t want to wait around till I would be ready for this big task, I needed to let go of my perfection struggles and get going.

And so as the start of my journey we have glimmers of hope a 15 day devotional…

It’s not a proper book like in my dreams, but this is my building block and proof that God is working.
Through the major self doubt of this God encouraged me through it

This is just a quick little chat to remind you that you have to start somewhere and that it’s better to start small than not it all. God can really use you through things you don’t expect.
I wrote this devotional with the girl who needs encouragement and hope to get through the day in mind. I’d love to share these words with you and things I’ve been learning!
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