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Best Podcasts for the Christian girl

January 7, 2019

Podcasts are super popular at the moment, it feels like every second person online has one (haha). I wanted to give a round up of podcasts I love that are great for Christians. These give great advice specifically from a Christian perspective.

 Girls Night with Stephanie May Wilson

In each episode, Stephanie has a friend of hers to chat through one of lifes struggles. Listening to her chats really connect with me and it truly feels like you are having a heart to heart with friends.

Behind the Bliss

Rachel and Mary-Scott share practical advice for Christian living. They have guests on and share really relatable and topical truths that we need to be reminded of.

podcasts for Christians


SHE with Jordan Lee Dooley

Everything Jordan shares is so challenging and helpful. She takes you through all different parts of life and gives you advice how to live life to the fullest and in a way that glorifies God.

Wild Hearts with Gennean

I’ve been following Gennean on instagram for a while and she just recently started a podcast. I love her perspective on life and following along on her journey because it’s so different from the way world says we should. Such real life encouragement.

If you want to hear which podcasts are my favourite or lots more suggestions watch this video.

Set apart girl with Lesile Ludy

The way I can sum up this podcast is, great biblical teaching for modern girls.

Heart of Dating with Kait Warman

If you are looking for Christian dating advice, this is the podcast for you.

Cultivate with Lara Casey

Practical advice for goal setting, being productive and things like that from a Christian perspective.

Behind the scenes with Jeremy and Audrey Roloff

Just real chats with a Godly couple about their lifestyle and relationship.

Do you have favourite podcasts? I’d love to hear what you’ve been loving likening too!

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