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December 26, 2018

I just love reading peoples book lists and book reviews and keeping an ongoing list of books I want to read ( it’s a long list!). I do love reading and the books I have read this year have been some great Christian books that are very encouraging but sometimes I get a bit stuck in my reading because it’s easier to watch or listen to something. But I did get through quite a few books this year and I want to share a little bit about them.

Salty Kisses-Robin Jones Gunn

You’ll notice this author will pop up a few times on this list because she is my absolute favourite. This book is the last book in the Baby series with Christy Miller, I finished the last two at the end of last year. I am such a Christy Miller fan and have been for years. I always talk about them and aah they are just the best. Please read them.

Secrets-Robin Jones Gunn

My goal in life is to read all of Robin’s books, haha. I haven’t read the Glenbrooke series before and this is the first one, I obviously loved it. Still waiting for our local library to get the rest of the series!  It’s full of mystery and romance  and it’s just such a good light read.

Captivating-John and Stasi Elderage

Such an interesting and encouraging read, learnt a lot about God’s view on women and it really helped me understand biblical femininity.

Who switched off by brain-Dr. Caroline Leaf

Quite a heavy read as it’s very much a learning book. Digs deep into the way our brain processes things and how we learn.

Angels walking-Karen Kingsbury

I’ve read a lot of Karen’s books over the years. I do love them but sometimes my cynical side comes out in terms sometimes the books feel like Hallmark movies. Also waiting for our library to get the rest of the series

Peculiar treasures-Robin Jones Gunn

Oh were you surprised to see another Robin Jones Gunn book on my list, I think not. I read this book out of order because I’ve read all the Christy books so I know Katie’s story line. Just loved been back in the Christy/Katie world again when reading this book.

Live Fearless-Sadie Robertson

Sadie shares powerful truths and encouragement and practical advice on how to deal with fear.

Daisy:The Homeschool Kids-Riley Rawls

Such a lovely easy read. Enjoyed as I could relate to the homeschooling things as I am now homeschooled. Very well written and great story line with Christian principles woven in.

You”re own beautiful-Chelsea Crockett

Loved reading this and getting a different look into an influencers life. Very encouraging and helpful to read about God’s view of real beauty and being yourself.

Cultivate-Lara Casey

This book is definitely one of my favourites now. Loved how Lara talked about different season you are in and how to handle that and enjoyed reading more about the behind the scenes of her successful career. Learnt a lot when reading this.

The Rebellion-Livy Jarmusch

Aaah! Just love this series Livy has written. All the princessy things and just the different character dynamics really made me smile. Lovely clean Christian book for teens.

Victim of Grace-Robin Jones Gunn

Such great reminders of God’s truth in this book and really loved reading more about her journey of being an author.

When God writes your story-Eric and Lesile Ludy

Really good book with practical advice on Christian relationships.

Love Defined-Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird

Very helpful book with great advice about what God’s view on love is and how to best live it out

Friendships of women-Dee Brestin

I found this book thought provoking on the way I view friendships and the way I am a friend. Been working on a blog post about different topics that challenged me in this book for ages, so they will eventually be finished in 2019, just hard to process all my thoughts and string words together.

Waiting for Jacob-Cole Smith

Really good novel, filled with mystery, romance, friendships and Jesus.

He’s making diamonds– S.G Willoughby

I have never read a book like this, so much wisdom and practical advice about Chronic Illness. I got to read it at such an important when I was just being diagnosed with a chronic illness.

Make it happen-Lara Casey

Definitely a big fan of Lara and all she is doing after reading both her books this year. Going to re read them soon! Such a good book with practical advice for life and living it to the fullest in an intentional way while pursing things that matter most to us.

Christian book recommendations

Authentic Beauty- Lesile Ludy

Very good book with so much wisdom and truths to soak in. Helpful advice on biblical womanhood and living that out.

Still waiting-Ann Swindell

This book also definitely made it to my favourites. Ann focuses on the story from the Bible of the bleeding women and it fascinated me as I had never thought of this story in a way that really connected with my own life. Her biblical encouragement really helped in me gain perspective and be encouraged me to keep fighting.

Master Storyteller-Janet and George Benge

Very interesting read as it is all about C.S Lewis’s life.

Wild and Free-Jess Connolly and Hayley Morgan

Another one on the favourites list! This book is full of super real encouragement that speaks straight to your heart about who Jesus is in situations we all face and forget what the bigger picture is.

Lipstick Gospel-Stephanie May Wilson

I read this book last year but had to re read it because Stephanie is one of my favourite people on the internet. Her podcast (Girls Night) is just the best, literally feel like I am having a chat with a friend. This book is the real honest and raw words of her testimony.

Extravagant Grace-Barbra R. Dugid

Quite a tough read because it’s quite heavy on theology but such a good book all about God’s grace for us and how we sometimes feel we don’t deserve and things like that.

Love Does- Bob Goff

Wow! This book is mind blowing. Bob is so good at writing. I love how shares parts of his story but always points you back to Jesus. Just an all round good book about real life and things we struggle with day to day.

Our surprising love story-Cole and Savannah Labrant 

I have been following along on Cole and Sav’s journey since they got engaged and I love their videos. This book and their story as a whole is incredible to see how God worked in their lives. Such an encouragement and great reminder of God’s goodness and faithfulness.

I’d love to hear about books you’ve loved this year or what you are adding to your list?!

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  • Sarah

    What an awesome list! I’ve only read a few of these on here, so I’ll definitely be adding some of this to my “to-read” list! Thank you for sharing!

    December 29, 2018 at 8:31 pm Reply
    • thedifferentgirl

      So glad you enjoyed this post! I love finding new books to read💜

      December 30, 2018 at 10:04 am Reply

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