Books I read in 2019

December 29, 2019

Another year is ending and I just love to look back on what has happened. One of the ways I do that is by recapping the books I’ve read. Here is the list for 2019!

1.Dance, Stand, Run-Jess Connolly

2.Come Matter Here-Hannah Brencher

One of my new favourite books, such a relatable book and beautifully written!

3.Chosen for such a time as this-Jheralynne Foster

4.It’s not supposed to be this way-Lysa Terkheurst

5.Anxious for nothing-Max Lucado

6.Wait and see-Wendy Pope

7. It is written-Courtney Hope Wilson

8.Present over perfect-Shauna Niequist

9.Lets all be brave-Annie F. Downs

10.Own your everyday-Jordan Lee Dooley

11.100 Days to brave-Annie F.Downs

12.Fierce Faith-Alli Worthington

13.You are free-Rebekah Lyons

14.Beautiful-Julie-Anne England

15.Mingling of souls-Matt Chandler

One of the best books I’ve read on Christian relationships-lots of practical advice.

16. Daring to hope-Katie Davis Majors

A very unique and challenging insight to Christian life and fully surrendering your life to God

17. Becoming Us-Robin Jones Gunn

Got to have a Robin Gunn book on my list, forever my favourite author. Love how she included Christy in this book and seeing how new friendships are formed.

18. Spoken For-Robin Jones Gunn and Alyssa Bethke

Great book on biblical identity and living it out.

19. The sacred search-Gary Thomas

20. Screwtape Letter-C.S Lewis

A harder read but very challenging and thought provoking.

21. Praying for your future husband-Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer

Super practical and encouraging book on praying or your future husband

22. Defiant Joy-Stasi Elderage

23. Women of the word-Jen Wilkin

Really insightful and helpful book on how to study the Bible properly.

24. A love letter life-Jeremy and Audrey Roloff

Such a sweet and encouraging read on the Roloff’s love story and how to be intentional in your own.

25. Perfectly unique-Annie F. Downs

26. Savouring Single-Shelley Black

27. And she still laughs-Kate Merrick

An amazing story of hope and God’s grace through incredibly tough circumstances

28. Here now-Kate Merrick

Everyone needs to read this book, all about being intentional and present. Really refreshing to read and gets you thinking.

29. Uninvited-Lysa Terkheurst

30. Grace not perfection-Emily Ley

31. Preach to yourself-Hayley Morgan

32. Crazy love-Francis Chan

33. Afraid of all the things-Scarlet Hiltibidal

34. The next right thing-Emily P. Freeman

Such a good book on decision making and navigating change. Highly recommend!

35. Love-ology-John Mark Comer

Great author and really well written wise biblical advice

36. Sacred enneagram- Christopher L. Heuertz

If you want to hear me chat about these books more in detail, I made a video about them too. Watch it here

I’d love to hear about your favourite books you read this year.


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