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Why you should listen to Christian Music?

March 11, 2019

When Hannah asked me to write a guest post for her blog, I couldn’t think of anything original! I love music sooooo much. So I’m just going to tell you about why I love it. It’s really the reason I’m still here today. Music has always connected with me.

Christian music itself ministers to me and teaches me things. Whenever I’m going through something, the right song comes on the radio and I’m able to get through it. God uses music to answer some of the questions I ask Him. There’s an experience and a feeling you can get from music that you can’t get anywhere else. Except Jesus of course. I don’t know about you but when I’m worshiping God it usually involves a worship song. Worship is key part in our relationship with God and music has helped me learn to worship Him with all I have. I experience the Holy Spirit the strongest when I’m worshiping because I’m in surrender and praising God for who He is. Something I’ve noticed during worship at church is the connection it brings to the people of the church. We are all different, yet we come here able to worship God freely and together with nothing separating us.

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Music makes our spirit stronger because it’s a tool to worship God and brings us connection with other people. I love when music gives me the words I’m not able to come up with because of great our God is. Sometimes there are no words to describe music and how much I love it. I thank God for creating it.

Music is a big part of my story and I hope you’ll make it a part of yours too. If you don’t listen to Christian music, I highly recommend it. It’ll give you a strong way to worship and change your heart to understand Jesus better.

Christian music

Author of this post: Gianna Cook

I’m seventeen and I love Jesus! My favourite worship band is Jesus Culture and my favourite food is pizza. I love music, especially Christian music

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