Cultivate by Lara Casey

What I learnt about Cultivating an intentional life?

April 16, 2018

I can’t remember how I heard about the book ‘Cultivate by Lara Casey’ but it just keep popping in my Instagram feed. I am so thankful it did because wow it is such a good book.

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I was immediately drawn into the book by the garden analogies, I am such a crazy flower girl. When Lara started sharing her hard moments years before she realised the Grace of God, it really hit me of how amazing His grace is!

Then when she wrote about the different seasons it really connected with my heart because I have really been learning a lot of seasons lately. Her words helped me to put my own thoughts into words and figure out what kind of season I am in right now.

I’ve always struggled with being a perfectionist, maybe you struggle to? This book really helped me to understand why I need to break away from that. And how He has enough perfectness to cover all our imperfections.

I was reminded of how important it is to focus on God above everything else, He can calm the fears and provide the peace our heart desires. We need to look to Him.

There is so much truth flowing through this book from friendships, to gardening to perfectionism. The words really just met me where I was at and I really connected with them.

The encouragement and advice she gives is necessary and beautifully written.


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