Different times

March 28, 2020

March has been a strange month with many different emotions going on.

The last half of the month has consisted with a lot of time at home because of everything going on in the world. Which has been strange but enjoyable for the most part although I am starting to get a little bit of cabin fever so walks are essential.

Life at home as involved lots of snacking-it seems all I want to do is snack haha. It’s also given me the space to work on gaining more students to teach English too. Earlier this year I got my TEFL qualification and this past month was my first full month of teaching online. I am enjoying this although it is very out of my comfort zone so can be anxiety provoking. But I’m slowly having to accept that my anxiety does seem to follow me everywhere.

I also quit my childcare job which was a hard but necessary thing to do, it just wasn’t the right fit for me and causing a lot of strain on my mental and physical health.

Still very homesick but everyones extra time on their hands has given the space to have lots of FaceTimes daily which has been super fun.

This week was the first week where I felt maybe I could actually enjoy life overseas which was very positive. I definitely go in waves of emotions and often feel the need to go home but I am being challenged to fully be present in the season despite it looking and feeling very different than I ever expected. I’m not sure how long my overseas experience will last but we are taking it slowly, day by day, month by month.

So lots of things going on in my head and heart, things that are challenging me to focus more on Jesus each day. Experiencing my deeper need to depend on God and understanding his goodness despite life feeling so out of control and different.

For the enneagram 4 that I am unmet expectations and life looking different than I dreamed is an interesting thing to navigate but challenges me to take my discontentment to God and be more aware of the things I can be grateful for. I’m still figuring this one out as it also seems to follow me everywhere.

So thats a little glimpse of March 2020.

Hope you are all coping with more time at home and are in good health x

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