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June 16, 2017


Holland 5
Holland 6
So today is June 16th so that means exactly a year ago today we were getting on a plane to go on the adventure of a lifetime.
First of all, its crazy that its already been a year! Plus its really sad that its all over and we were in Europe so long ago, really wish we could go back.
So in memory of this amazing experience that I never even wrote about, I thought I’d share some memories from the time.
We left South Africa and our first stop was Rome. The whole time we were there I don’t think it actually sunk in that I was in Italy like for real. It was such a surreal experience. We saw so much and walked like crazy. We ate a lot of gelato like a lot.
From Rome we took a train to Florence. I think Florence was my favourite place. It was so beautiful, Rome was too of course, I just enjoyed the calmer atmosphere in Florence. We got to go on the coolest bridge, called the Ponte Vecchio and I really enjoyed that. Again we ate and walked a lot. Everything was much closer together in Florence than in Rome so that was helpful.
From Florence, we took an overnight train to Paris. This was an interesting experience for our family, it involved some mix ups with the compartments and a lot of moving around but the excitement to get to Paris soothed the uncertainty. Now for my little sister, Beth, the fact that we were going to Paris was such a big deal because she is Paris obsessed. Paris was amazing. So much to see and everything is just so beautiful. More walking. By the end of this week we were exhausted from all the walking and everything we had seen and learnt.
From Paris we took a train to Amsterdam. We stayed in Holland with family for just over two weeks. This was so much fun, it was so special to be with all my Dad’s side of the family and have some awesome family time.
I’m beyond thankful for the experience, it was such a crucial part of my year. It was something that really changed my year around and was definitely needed since last year was terrible to say the least.
This is just a few words on an amazing trip. I don’t have more words to describe this trip! haha.
There are a few pictures of the trip in the beginning of the post! To try write words about this experience got me all excited again, I love thinking back on good memories
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