faith and family

Faith & Family

September 18, 2017
This is apart of the ‘Living out your faith’ series with Ainsley.
Family, a group of people you can love one minute and be in an argument with the next. Family is a such a special group of people that have such an important role in our life.
The thing is we can often let the things we know we should be living out slide when we are so comfortable within our family circles.
Its so easy to just snap at our siblings or disobey our parents. If you are still living at home, its intense living with your people all the time, sometime you need your own space.
Each family is unique and I think its important to know you are not defined by your family situations. Each family has their struggles and no one has the picture perfect life portrayed by the media. 
I’m here to remind you today that living out your faith in your family is still important and should not be neglected.
As a Christian its important to include our faith in all areas of our lives because our identity is found in Jesus.
Here are a few things I like to remind myself when I’m tempted to follow my own desires within the family.
1. Jesus loves all the time
We have to accept the good and the bad of our family members. We need to make the best of the situation and learn to love like Jesus. 
2. What would Jesus do?
The bible clearly wants us to build each other and be an encouragement. So think the next time you want to have the last word in the argument, how would Jesus approach this situation- with love and grace.
3. We are walking examples of what Christianity is all about
Being in a family doesn’t been you all believe the same thing, which can be extremely difficult but I think just like all areas in our lives we need to be aware that we are an example of what Christianity is and we need to show others we are changed.
We aren’t always going to get all these things right but its important to be actively living out your faith.
Keep loving Jesus and sharing his love with your family.
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