Girl Defined Book Review

January 30, 2017
So this is my first book review type of post but there is probably more to come as I do love reading.
This post is a collab with Emilee, she made a YouTube video of her review. Here is the link to her website, http://www.emileeboster.com
We both got this book for Christmas and we discussed our favourite parts of it, how it challenged us and why we enjoyed it so much.
This book is called Girl Defined and is by Bethany Baird and Kristen Clark, they are the founders of Girl Defined ministries.
In today’s world its kind of confusing to be a girl. The world has so many different opinions about how we should be and what our role is. For a long time there has been tension between men and women because people think their is a need to fight for equality and be treated both the same but that’s impossible because both men and women were made for different reasons.
BUT this book shows us what the real reason for females to be  put on Gods earth for. The only way to find the never changing TRUE purpose in life is from Gods word.
Bethany and Kristen provide practical tips and explanations to be able to understand God’s design for females.
This book definitely left me to be challenged to rely on God more and to live out my life fully for his Glory.
They explain why living as a female that follows the worlds ways will always disappoint and will never fully satisfy us. The world’s views are constantly changing and do not define you as a person. Then they explain why a God-defined life will actually satisfy you.
Each chapter has a study section at the end to help you process what you have just read and reflect on how this truth is going to impact your personal life.
I don’t want to give any spoilers because I really think it’s important to read it for yourselves.But to end I just wanted to share these words that really stuck out to me at the end of the book: ” Your life story should end with six key words, Do you know what they are? These final six words should be the goal  of every Christians life ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’ (Matt. 25:23)” As a Christian female your entire life should  be lived to hear these final six words.
I really want to encourage you all to dig deep into God’s word and find your comfort in him. He is the only one who can get you through this life.
Have a great week!
Hannah x


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