Good enough

May 25, 2017
Today as I write, I want to write but seem to have a lack of inspiration. Today as I write, I am exhausted. Today as I write I am weighed down by the fact that my dreams aren’t a reality. I write today with the hurt of not feeling good enough and that I’ll never measure up.
So all that above is why I chose to write this blog post anyway. No inspiration or plan, just be and my brain.
Maybe I’m not the only one who hides the thought of not being good enough at the back of my mind. Its hard to admit though. Who wants to feel that way right?! Even with that thought being hidden its comes to the surface on the days when we least except it. The feeling is there and now its time to deal with it.
I have this love for writing but every time I sit down to write something especially for my blog or @thedifferentgirl_ , I tell myself my writing is not good enough and this is a waste of time. That my instagram doesn’t have a theme, my blog looks silly. Then after all this going on in my mind, I get cross for thinking these things. I then try pick myself up from all these hurts I believe to be true. I have to stop myself before I go to deep.
Notice something I completely left out of my whole pity party? Jesus.
Don’t you think if I had invited him in, I wouldn’t of had to go so deep? Because he would be there reminding me that its lies. Or maybe you think it doesn’t matter either way.
I get you. Even sometimes with Jesus’ truth I sit there going I’m not good enough but at least with him, I am able to stop myself and let go of these hurts.
To be honest, even as I write this post I am not completely convinced this is well written,if it even makes sense. But Jesus is enough. Its the simple truth that changes everything. Its the simple truth that means we need to choose joy. Its the simple truth that says I am loved.
Nothing on this earth will ever satisfy me or make me feel good enough like the fact that Jesus loves me will. It’s just how it is, because he is the creator and king of the world.
Why do I so need to be good enough in the world’s eyes when God already chose me? This world just doesn’t and will never measure up to eternity.
So rather lets today choose joy together. Choose the creator of the world and be different because that’s the way worth living
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