Stress & Insecurities

How to handle stress & insecurities

February 28, 2018

We live in times where we probably have more things to worry about than things to be happy about. That might sound somewhat dismal, and some of you reading this will instantly stop reading about now because nobody wants to listen to yet another depressive piece on today’s societal standards, but please believe that this is not the intention of this particular post. If anything, we are here to discuss how to address one of the biggest issues in the lives of most people in the current times.

That issue, is insecurity. While yes, people have probably been insecure since the dawn of time, since we do happen to be worrisome and insecure by nature, some would argue that people happen to be more insecure than ever in this day and age. Sometimes it is good to take a step back, and just try to shed some new light on current events, allowing you to start anew, and motivate yourself differently, or just motivate yourself once more. Because let’s be honest, we all know we need some motivation in our lives sometimes, and no, being not homeless does not always cut it as a personal driving force. Without any further ado, let us talk about some ways in which you can deal with your insecurities.

Come to terms with it
More often than not, the best way of starting dealing with a problem is coming to terms with its existence. We can only run away from our problems for so long before they catch up to us, either because we got tired running from them or because they were inevitable in the first place.If you happen to be one of the many people who suffer from “self-perpetuating stress” or “self-fuelling insecurities”, then worry not because you are not alone. Self-perpetuating stress, or as some like to call it “perpetual stress”, is prolonged stress which causes itself.

Many people who come from backgrounds related to anger management or short tempers suffer from this, and it is essentially the idea of being stressed because you are stressed. As convoluted as this may sound, the premise is actually rather simple. People worry about one little thing, they then realise they are stressing out about it, which in turn makes them even more stressed out because they know they are being stressed. The exact same principle applies to insecurities, people are insecure about being insecure and the fact that this sounds very reasonable and not at all ridiculous just proves how human it is. On paper, it sounds rather silly, the root of the problem lies within itself, because it in itself exists, and yet, this is something which almost all of us can relate to. Problems like these are almost the embodiment of the human condition, whether we like it or not.

What do we do about it?
Well, this part is absolutely subjective and differs greatly depending on the individual. The solution to this problem is very, very, personal, and the chances of the exact same method working on a large number of different people is rather slim. Of course, that does not mean you should never even ask other for advice, or assume that there is nobody in the whole wide world who can help you. There are people out there who have knowledge, and while they may not literally be able to see inside your mind, they can most probably see where you are coming from, allowing them to appropriately suggest advice on a given topic. Of course, not everyone has to see eye to eye on everything, so if you feel like someone gives you advice which you don’t feel really applies to you, then that might just be the case.

On the other hand, do not fall into the trap of “only I know what is right for me” and straight-up refuse to take anyone else’s advice. To cut things short, if you feel like speaking to someone is useless and you do not feel like anyone can help you with your problems, then why not turn over a new leaf and actually give it a go. Many people across the globe have been trained to a professional level to deal with these kinds of problems, so do not be afraid to reach out to a therapist, psychologist, or even a close friend who you trust.

Do something about it
Sometimes just reorganizing things in your head is not enough and something much more tangible needs to be done. Money is most definitely not everything, but with the kind of society we live in, it can prove to be a rather helpful asset. Have you been insecure about your teeth since you can remember? Maybe rather than constantly trying to just “live with it”, look up the average tooth reshaping cost and see if it is something worth investing in.

Sure it might seem like a “everything has a price” situation, but if it will really make your everyday life easier, then why not go through with it? Are you very self-conscious about your weight and feel insecure whenever you go to the beach or the pool? Do you want to either put on weight or lose weight? If so, start dieting. There are certainly more than enough proven dietary plans out there, and you will surely find something to suit your needs. Once again, this is not necessarily done to “fit in with the crowd” or live up to the insane body established by Vogue magazine, but it’s to feel better about yourself, for yourself.

Perhaps you feel like you worry too much about the littlest things, and you can be easily thrown off guard by something unexpected in your daily routine. This kind of situation rarely has a panaceum which just so happens to fall into your hands, and you usually just end up having to work on it, step by step. If you find yourself worrying about minute things, it usually means that you have something on your conscience which has been occupying your psyche for a bit longer than you would like to admit it. Perhaps something which you feel like you have been putting off, or a certain experience which you never addressed properly for years and have been repressing for too long. Just remember, life is too short to worry about the same old thing forever, so why not make it a personal goal of sorts to address those issues in the near future?

-Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post-

Stress and Insecurities



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