How Music and Mental Health can connect

March 23, 2018
When Hannah told me that she was doing Music March, I got so excited! Music is quite possibly my favourite thing in the world. It’s been a part of my life ever since I can remember. I play the piano, clarinet and bass clarinet and as you can probably guess, music takes up most of my life.

There are probably a billion things I could be writing about, but today I decided to tell you a bit about how music helped me along my mental health journey.

My mental health journey has been a long and hard one (hasn’t everyone’s?) and I am endlessly thankful for the presence of God and the fact that he gave me the gift of music to help me through it. When I was in the darkest depths of depression, going to piano lessons and finding life in the music helped me to remember that life is worth something. I remember on nights when I was on the brink of suicide, switching on Bach’s 48 preludes and fugues and dancing around my room while reading along in my score. I remember finding hope and comfort in his music. I know that the whole dancing to Bach thing sounds unrealistic and very nerdy (haha!), but that is the truth.

How music and mental health can connect

Music also connected me to people who helped me through my dark times.
I even met Hannah in grade eight in music class! And I am so grateful for that because she has been a huge support for me and I am endlessly thankful to her. Music brought me my piano teacher too, who is so much more than just a teacher. She is my inspiration, someone who I can rant to when I’ve had a bad day, and someone who kindles the fire of love for music in my heart.

One of the brightest lights in the dark times was whenever I would go to worship practise.
I serve on the worship team at my church, playing piano and singing, and to be honest sometimes I really didn’t look forward to going to rehearsals on Thursday nights. But I went and there I found people who prayed for me and loved Jesus and loved ME and that love inspired me to keep going for one more day.

Now, music is something that I use to give glory to God, not only in church but in everything!
Because music is such a big part of my life, I try and show His love to my fellow musicians and friends because I owe everything to Jesus for giving me the talent and the opportunity to be able to do music. Naturally, all the glory goes to HIM!

So whoever is reading this, wherever you are in life, whatever you’re going through, my prayer is that you find or have found something like this in life. Whether it be music, a sport or a hobby, I pray that God will give you something that inspires you and fills your heart with as much love as music does mine.

How Music and Mental Health can connect
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