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How my theme verse of 2017 impacted my year

December 11, 2017

Psalm 16:8
I keep my eyes always on the LORD. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken
So because its me, there is always a very random story behind my blog post ideas. Basically this verse of the year was not chosen how I now realise it should have been. Last December I was scrolling through Pinterest and found a cute image with this verse on, I printed it out and stuck it on the front page of my new journal for 2017. So I made that my theme verse for 2017, little did I know how God was going to use this verse to impact my year.
Before I tell you that bit of the story, I want to say that as I started thinking of a verse for next year I actually prayed about it and asked God to show me what verse he wants me to focus on (the actual way I should have done it last year;)

This was year better than last year and very different, since changing schooling this year. 
Even though I was out of the normal school struggles, this new season came with the challenges of its own. I am still me so those struggles didn’t just disappear after leaving normal school.

This year I had a lot more good days than I’ve had in a long time.

On the good days this verse reminded me that I still need God by my right hand.

The hard days reminded me that I will not be shaken, that I can stand firmly and boldly in what I believe because I know its the truth.

Every time something crazy happened in the world, or my mind was clouded with doubt and lies, this verse would appear and I would not let these things be bigger than the truth. 

When I wanted to give up, I remembered I would not be shaken because God is more powerful than these hard times.

I love this verse, and I will treasure it forever.

I’d love to know if you pick a verse of the year!?

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