how to change your view on worship

How to change your view on Worship?

March 19, 2018

I have to admit… when Hannah first asked me if I could do this, I had no idea what to write about… I mean, music is such a BIG part of my life that I could really write about anything and it would pertain to this theme. However, I found that the best thing to write about and ultimately what was on my heart was to talk about worship.

When I was younger, worship was my least favourite part of church. I thought it was the single most awkward experience ever. First, I didn’t want to sing, because what if someone heard me? I knew my voice wasn’t very good. Second, why did we have to stand up? I was convinced we could worship just fine sitting down. Third, I was sure I wasn’t “spiritual” enough because I felt way too awkward to close my eyes or raise my hands… You could say I was always excited when worship was over.

Now, it feels impossible to know I used to think that! I don’t want to say that worship is my favourite art of church, because well, I love all of church. However, worship holds a very near and dear piece of my heart and you can usually find me leaning over to my friend Ana before each song, whispering, “oh I love this song!” To which she often responds with a giggle, saying “Megan, you love every song!” It’s true! I have yet to find a worship song that I do not like.

how to change your view on worship

So how did I get from feeling awkward during worship to falling absolutely in love with singing to my Saviour? One simple thing. I turned my eyes up.

When I learned that worship wasn’t about how bad my voice sounded and got over the fact that it didn’t really matter if I was standing or sitting at all, I found that my view of worship did a 180 degree turn. Worship was not a time to let my eyes wander around the sanctuary, or staring at the ground, thinking only about how awkward I felt. But instead, it was a time where my eyes could look to Jesus and praise Him for what He has done. Naturally, I wanted to lift my arms and close my eyes, so my only focus was on Him.

Now, every Sunday, I am filled with joy when the worship team at my church asks us to stand with them and sing. I smile until my cheeks hurt when they play my favourite songs (which is usually every song hehe!). And I am overwhelmed with love for my sweet Saviour, as I seek to praise Him more and more.

But, beyond that, I want to share a bit about some of my favourite worship songs and how the lyrics have impacted me.

Build My Life- Housefires

“And I will build my life upon Your love, it is a firm foundation. I will put my trust in You alone and  will not be shaken. Holy, there is no one like You. There is none besides You. Open up my eyes in wonder. Show me who You are and fill me with Your heart and lead me in Your love to those around me.”

Building your life on something is more than just having something in your life each day. Building your life upon something means making it your foundation and composing everything upon that. If my foundation is Jesus Christ, then my whole entire life must be built around Him. He is my foundation. This song has brought me tremendous hope and has been almost like an anthem for the story of my faith in God.

Your Love Defends Me- Matt Maher

“Surely my God is the strength of my soul. Your love defends me. Your love defends me. And when I feel like I’m all alone. Your love defends me. Your love defends me.”

Sometimes it can feel like God’s love is far off and distant, which makes it hard for us to understand the depths of His love. However, this song is praising His mighty Name! He is the strength of our souls! He is where we find fulfilment and truth. And His love for us defends us. When we walk through the deepest waters or the darkest valleys, we know that He is protecting us always and defending us!

Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus- Variety of artists

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus. Look full in His wonderful face. And the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace.”

This song, oh my goodness gracious, it has become my favorite song to sing in the morning! When we look right upon Jesus, all of this things in the world begin to look so incredibly dim, next to the brightest glory of His amazing light and grace! He is the brightest of all! So even when the shiniest things on this earth get our attention, they look dim next to His light!

I Will Lift My Eyes- Bebo Norman

“I will lift my eyes to the Maker, of the mountains I can’t climb. I will lift my eyes to the calmer of the oceans raging wild. I will lift my eyes, lift my eyes, to You.”

During a time that I was really struggling, this song was an immense comfort to me. When it seemed as though I couldn’t pray or didn’t know what to say, I could simply turn my eyes unto Jesus and know that He was hearing the cry of my heart. When the mountain seemed too high to climb and when the oceans seemed so wild, I could turn my eyes unto Him and I knew everything would be okay because my life was in His hands.

Music for me is so much more than chords and notes.

It’s a lifestyle of daily surrender and worship to the King of kings who deserves all the praise I can give.

Yes, I love to sing and I love to play instruments, but ultimately music to me is nothing, if it doesn’t give glory to God, who He is, and what He has done for me.

Author of this post: Megan Harmon

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  • Allison - All Things Allison Marie

    Ahh I love this post so much!!

    March 20, 2018 at 12:51 am Reply
  • Dawn

    Great list of worship songs!! Thank you for this article 🙂

    March 26, 2018 at 9:15 pm Reply
  • Evelyn (lettersfromvaonlea)

    I love this so much!! I was really afraid of auditioning for my parish’s chamber choir (there’s only 20 people in it (SATB)) but you know what I somehow passed the audition and have a place for the next two years and one of my favourite things about Church is singing to our Lord. As Psalm 13 says in the KJV “I will Sing unto the LORD for He hath dealt bountifully for me” This post really hit home.

    March 29, 2018 at 12:21 am Reply
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