how to feel more confident

How to feel more confident?

May 16, 2019

Do you sometimes feel ugly and overwhelmed by life? Do you just want to hide away from the real world because you lack confidence? If that’s you girl, I can relate! I have some encouragement for you and a resource that can really help you!

I am not an expert at all this and am still very much figuring this all out to!

I got the chance to read this book for free in exchange for my honest review! I want to share why I loved this book and lessons I learnt from it that I will be trying to implement to feel more confident in my daily life.

Beautiful by Julie-Anne England

Julie is very good at being relatable and inviting you into the real pain she felt as she shares parts of her story. She shares the honest truth of things we need to work on and challenges the reader in a loving way to change their perspective on things like self-esteem, confidence and positivity. She is so good at pointing you back to the truth in Gods word. Full of practical tips to actually start being more positive and have better days and use your time wisely.

Such a timely message for daily struggles us girls face.

I did not agree with all principles in the book. And recommend every book we read be read with discernment.

Let’s get into the tips to feel more confident,

Remember this

Gods plan for us may be different to our own plan for our lives and so our confidence should not be based on our own circumstances.

Confidence is a choice

You get to choose to change your mindset and improve your confidence. Fixing your eyes on Jesus gives you a reason to be confident. You have the ability to be confident because you are a child of God. Now make the effort!


Choose gratitude

When we choose to be more thankful and kind to others and ourselves we have a more positive attitude towards life. It is definitely so much easier to be confident when we more positive because we don’t feel so fragile.

Choose your people wisely

The people around you can effect your mindset which can lead to lower confidence. If you are surrounded by people that encourage you and lift you up, you will already feel more confident because of their kindness.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone

A great way to force yourself to be more confident, is to be in situations that require you to go outside of your comfort zone. These kind of experiences can really show you that you have the ability to be more confident than you already are.

These are just a few takeaways I had from reading, Beautiful, I really suggest you get yourself a copy and dive into it!

Read more about the book here. I am so glad I got to read this book and share it with you!

Photo by Bruno Cervera from Pexels

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