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How to have faith when you’re suffering?

July 25, 2018

Book Title: He’s making Diamonds

Author: S.G. Willoughby

About the book:

Are you a teenager trying to navigate faith through chronic illness? I’m here to tell you, you are not alone.

When sickness takes over your life, it’s a never-ending battle to make it through each day. How do you cope? How do you keep fighting? Most of all though, how do you find God in the midst of the suffering?

Through my own journey of sickness, I’ve struggled with the same questions—questions we all think but are afraid to ask. My name is Sara, and I’ve been sick with Lyme disease and more since I was fourteen.

Those questions you’re afraid to ask? I’ve asked them too—as have many others.

This book addresses topics and questions such as:

Why is there sickness?

Where is God in sickness?

Resting in the storm

How to deal with the way chronic illness changes you

Joy and despair


Praying through chronic illness

Relationships in the midst of chronic illness

And more!

The journey of illness is not an easy one, but hope remains. God hasn’t left us. He hasn’t forgotten us. On the contrary, He’s making diamonds out of us.

How to have faith when your suffereing

My Review:

This book Reminds you that God is right there with you in the pain and you can openly bring your questions to him
Sara walks through the identity struggle and carefully walks you through the understanding of where our identity lies.
As she reminds us of the truth we need to believe in our sicknesses there is the constant reminder of Gods word and the source of truth.
This book has been such an amazing encouragement for me, I’ve never read a book like it! If you’re suffering with a chronic illness this book will really help guide you along the journey!

About the Author:

S. G. Willoughby is a seventeen-year-old girl with Lyme disease, toxic mold poisoning, and MCS. Currently, she resides in Arizona with her parents and two siblings. In her spare time she loves to write, read, and have adventures.

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Where to buy the book?

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I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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  • Sara Willoughby

    Thank you for participating in the blog tour for He’s Making Diamonds! 🙂 I’m so glad you liked the book.

    July 26, 2018 at 7:07 pm Reply
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