how to start journaling

How to start journaling?

August 1, 2019

Are you skeptical if journaling is actually worth your time? Are you caught up in confusion and comparison on what to write or how it’s supposed to look? Been there! The concept of journaling can be scary at first, especially with all the Pinterest perfect picture journaling pictures out there.

I used to think I needed to write neatly, colour code  and have a perfectly organised journal. All those preconceived ideas would lead me to end up not writing anything at all because I just couldn’t get it right. I wasn’t getting anywhere and was left feeling frustrated. 

I want to share how I’ve overcome those obstacles and learnt to thoroughly enjoy journaling. 

how to start journaling

The secrets to really enjoying journaling and getting the most out of it:

  1. There is no ‘right’ way to journal 

Your journal does not have to look like Pinterest or your friends. Everyone will have a unique approach to this and that is totally fine! Have fun with it in your own way. You are journaling to process your feelings and capture memories, let the pages reflect your personality.christian devotional

  1. Don’t overcomplicate it 

Journaling should be something you enjoy and look forward to. If you are going to pressure yourself to make it perfect you won’t actually get started. Just write, let the words flow. While I was still getting comfortable with journaling I started by just writing about what I did that day in a rough unedited kind of way. That way I got the words starting come more naturally because I wasn’t forcing myself to unpack my feelings when I really wasn’t up to it. I also took the pressure off by letting my handwriting go wild, it didn’t have to be neat and orderly, just readable. Focus on the words.

how to start journaling

  1. Buy a journal you love 

If you are writing in a notebook that doesn’t make you feel invited to write in it, you will easily lose the motivation to write.

  1. Make it a habit 

Be realistic about how much you’ll write in the beginning, set achievable goals such as a weekly check in then you can build up to writing as much as you feel comfortable. I now write daily but some days its pages at a time and other days it’s just a short run down on what my day looks like. Also don’t feel guilty if you miss a day this is meant to be fun and therapeutic. 

Journaling has really helped me process and deal with my emotions instead of keeping them all bottled up inside and then exploding. It’s a really good way to improve your mental health. I love looking back on past journals and seeing how God has worked and how far he has brought me. 

Here are some journaling prompts to help you to just get writing:

  • What did you learn during your bible time?
  • Whats one area you would like to grow in?
  • How did you feel today?
  • What are some things you are currently loving at the moment?
  • -Who is someone you admire and why?
  • Something that is making you anxious
  • Something you are looking forward to 

I am such an advocate for journaling, I hope this post inspired you to just start!

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