August 1, 2017

Everyday is a struggle to wake up and get out of bed…
The struggles at school and the way life is so complicated makes me want to just never wake up.
The overwhelming feeling of life is horrible.
When I walk into school I feel like all the happiness is sucked out of me. I struggle to be me. I struggle with dealing with the anxiety.
But you know what, most days, I still get up and go to school and deal with life.
Because those days when I just want to stay in bed, God reminds me that he has a plan for me. He is in control.
I have to learn to be courageous, to be BOLD and to be God-fident!
Some lessons are hard to learn and often aren’t ready to learn them but in the long run God has it all mapped out and is the ultimate leader through the journey of this adventure called Life.
Right now life feels terrible and that everything is too much but actually in the bigger scheme of things, it’s only right now that is terrible- it will get better.
Unfortunately for me, being a crazy dreamer and planner I find it hard to do one day at a time but God has got this.
Keep going. Keep Believing. Be different.
H x
PS. Life is better in flip flops:)

Original Post Date: 7 August 2016

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