Love & Obedience

June 7, 2017


“If you love me, you will obey my commands”

Let me start by stating the obvious, its June, which means we are almost half way through the year. Which is literally crazy but anyway.. I just wanted to tell you that life is going fast and its important that we focus on living God’s way and being obedient.
Sometimes listening to someone and doing what they say can be a bad thing, depending on the situation but let me tell you,if the creator of this world is talking to you and you ignore him- its time for a priority check. But before you say why bother obeying or listening to God, let me tell you why we should bother.
Its simple really, LOVE. If we love someone we want to make them smile right? We want to please them and for it to be a happy kind of love. You don’t love someone for no reason, love matters. So if we choose to love God, our creator, father and saviour, surely then we would also want to please him and make him happy. He wants us to obey him, we should obey him as part of respecting him.
He loves unconditional and sets example of serving others. He gives us all the guidelines of how we can show love to me. Just like we saw in the first part of this post, that verse comes from John 14:15 and states just what God is saying to us. The reason we obey him and want to obey him is because we love him.
We can’t choose to do the one without the other, they go hand in hand.
This verse challenged to re adjust my thinking and to really make an effort to go deeper and make sure I was actively listening to God so that I could identify his words and learn to obey him better. The Bible clearly states what is required of us and we are able to understand his commands through reading the bible.
So my challenge to you is to put love and obedience back together again.
You are loved by the King of the world,forever.
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