What to do when God gives you more than you can handle?

What to do when God gives you more than you can handle?

April 9, 2018

No matter how well you live your life, there are going to come times when you face challenges. When that happens, it’s easy to doubt your ability to cope. Sometimes, these will be literal challenges which look like mountains too large for you to master. Other times, you’ll face emotional struggles you’re unsure you can conquer.

What to do when God gives you more than you can handle?

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But, whenever you face these hurdles, it’s crucial you turn to your faith to get yourself through.
After all, isn’t this what God does best? When we’re at the end of our rope, He’s there to help us cope. What’s more, He never throws more at us than we can deal with. We may doubt our abilities, but God never does. And, that’s never more clear than when we’re dealing with obstacles like these.

So, irrelevant which aspect of life you’re struggling with, know that God believes you can deal with this. What’s more, He’s likely put in place all the help you need. Your problem is that you can’t see it right now. Which is why we’re going to help you out by looking at a few of the different options which may be available to you without your noticing.


Most commonly, our journey through life brings us up against personal problems. Every now and again, a dilemma will come up which seems near enough impossible to get through. Be it a situation a loved one is facing, or a break down of a relationship; none of us is immune. The thing to remember is that God is with you every step of the way. In all of these instances, you’ll have a gut instinct about what to do. Listen to it. That’s the best help God can give you at times like these. If you feel you need to be there for a loved one, take time off work to do so. If you don’t feel a relationship is right, ask God’s permission to move on with your life. Ultimately, He wants to see you and those you love happy. And, if that means making some difficult decisions along the way then so be it. The main thing to remember, even through breakups and heartaches, is that God took you down this path for a reason. Remember to consider every step of the way what that might have been. This way, you can ensure no experience is a wasted one. And, that’s sure to give you the strength to move forward with your life.

Health worries are perhaps the most challenging ones to deal with. In fact, it’s through health scares that people most often experience doubts of faith. And that makes sense. You’re well within your rights to ask why God would do this to you. But, instead of using that as a defeatists statement, use it as a literal question. Why has God done this, and how is he helping you through? When you ask yourself that, you may realize that there are far more options for help than you think. Those with long-term health conditions could especially do with keeping this in mind. It may well be the answer which makes your life much easier. Individuals who have long-standing asthma, for instance, may want to ask themselves what ongoing help God has provided. This questioning could lead them to discovering a source for a symbicort coupon which can take a huge weight from their shoulders. Equally, someone who’s facing ongoing mental health problems could benefit from asking themselves the same thing. This may lead to the discovery of free support groups which aid your recovery in a way medication never could. Even individuals suffering from short-term health issues could benefit from turning to God’s intentions. The realization may lead you to learn something from the situation you would never have before. Is God asking you to reexamine something about your health, for instance? If you think that might be the case, be sure to take action before things go too far.

Career doubts are another problematic aspect of life to consider. In fact, they’re often the trickiest to find an easy answer to. In an ideal world, we would all remain happy in our jobs for the long-term. But, that rarely happens. At least once in your life, you may find yourself needing a change. It could be that you aren’t happy with your current position anymore. Or, perhaps you feel the urge to attempt a different path. Either way, it’s possible God is giving you more answers than you realize here, too. If you doubt what the best move would be, consider the paths already open to you. God never closes one door without opening another. It’s unlikely he’ll make you doubt your career without making another one known. Only, it’s down to you to take those opportunities. Have you recently turned down an offer to help out with something new? Have you been offered training in a field you didn’t think interested you? All these things could be signs of where you should go next. Bear in mind, too, that God will help you navigate this change. He’ll ensure you’re in a position to make the most of these opportunities. That’s worth bearing that in mind throughout the process. It can be incredibly frightening making such a significant change. In fact, fear is the main thing which keeps us in jobs which make us unhappy. But, there’s no need for that fear when you know you have love and support behind you. To remind you of this fact, tell your loved ones about what you’re thinking. It’s likely they, too, will give you a much-needed push in the right direction.

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