my best self care tips

My Best Self Care Tips

November 20, 2017
Some days can be really hard and I just feel stuck. Over the past few hard weeks I’ve made a list of things that cheer me up and make me smile. I’m all about smiling and celebrating life so I hope this list can help you to cheer up.
Also remember with the good days, the bad days come too and that’s totally normal and okay! Its also really important to give yourself grace and time to calm down and re charge. 
1.Eat some Ice cream 
Obviously, ice cream needs to be included in this list because its a known fact that ice-cream is a big part of my life,haha. But seriously don’t eat the whole tub, just a little bit to enjoy 🙂

2. Buy some flowers
Flowers on high on my list of favourite things, they bring so much joy.
Have you seen my love for flowers through this crazy board on Pinterest exploding with flowers?!
3. Drink some tea (or coffee or a milkshake)

Lately I’ve been finding tea so calming- I’m loving vanilla chai tea.
4. Read a book

This helps me to clear my mind and focus on something else.

5.Tidy up

I feel  better when I know everything is in its place and organised.

6. Listen to a podcast

Oh my word, sitting in my room with a cup of tea and listening to a podcast has been so great. 
My absolute favourite podcast ever (like ever) is Stephanie May Wilsons “Girls Night”. I am so inspired and encouraged through this podcast.
Another podcast I love is my friend Emilee’s.

7. Journal
Most days I get so excited to journal and it just helps me to get through all my thoughts. A video is coming soon with more details about how journaling has helped me.
Need some inspiration for your journal? Here are a bunch of resources.

8. Fairy Lights
These literally make my room feel so calm and pinteresty. So helpful to create a calm environment.

8. Candles & Essential Oils

This one goes along with the previous one. 
My favourite essential oils at the moment are a mix of vanilla and lavender.

9. Bible Time
I saved this one for last so I could emphasise the importance of this one. I know in the moment its the last thing you feel like doing. But it is the ultimately the most important thing we should be doing.

I’d love to hear what helps you cheer up and add some more things to my list.

Just keep smiling,



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  • Adine @ Average To Awesome

    Are you me? 😉 I use the same things to cheer me up! And if I feel strong enough, I do like to go for a walk or get active. It's not that I really love that, but I know it makes me feel better.

    November 22, 2017 at 11:52 am Reply
  • Hannah R

    Thats so cool! I should have added get active to the list because that can also be helpful for me to! 🙂

    November 22, 2017 at 11:54 am Reply
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