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October 4, 2017
First of all, I love Pinterest, I find it so inspiring so when I was tagged by Livy I was so excited. This tag she created is all about Pinterest and sharing the reason behind why we pinned certain things. (You can read all the details about what this tag is on her post
This board has all the quotes that I can relate to or I find encouraging.
This is a very powerful statement. I can definitely say that in my life the only thing that has kept me going is the hope I have in Jesus.
On this board I pin all the photos I love and use some for inspiration for my own.
I love this picture. Fairy lights just make everything so Pinteresty and pretty. I definitely want to have a picnic with my friends and then sleep under the stars one day.
Beautiful Places
On this board I pin all the places all over the world that look beautiful.
I love all the colours! I love this board because it is a great reminder of the creator. I love seeing all the different places and beautiful things God has created in this world. 
I just have to have my daily pinning of flowers, haha. 
Flowers make my heart happy. Absolutely love them. This just makes me smile. 
This board is full of pretty bible verses to encourage and inspire. 
I think we all need he constant reminder that we are not alone and that God is in control. 
I use this board to save outfit inspiration.
I think this outfit is so cute. I especially love the long skirt. I am still looking for one to buy! 
I tag Allison, Gianna and Ainsley 🙂 
It was so fun to do a Tag. 
I hope you were inspired by some of my pins. 


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