[Present] The little things

March 24, 2017

Hi Special People. Last week was Past and today is Present in The Time Series which I am doing with my friend, Gianna.

This world is so big. Millions of things whirl through our minds daily. Our to do lists and schedules are jam packed and we live from one Friday to the next. What about those little moments in between that are missed?
Those little things that are brushed aside because we are too busy thinking abut what comes next. What happened to living in the moment?

Psalm 118:24

This is the day the Lord has made;We will rejoice and be glad in it

Planning things is all fine and well but if its going to take us out of the right now and not let us enjoy today , then what is it really doing? Now I’m not saying don’t plan because planning is great, I’m saying lets be aware of the now.
Make an effort to connect with others, to feel God’s presence and to smile.
Today I want us to focus  on the little things and cherish them. In that horrible tense moment think of a little thing that made you smile.
Our forever is in heaven, this life is short no matter how long it may feel. Capture the moments.
I wrote this post with myself in mind, to process and challenge my thoughts.
Its not all about having the busiest schedule and doing the most, its about living for the Lord and being thankful for the blessings.
Whats a little thing that’s made you smile this week, let me know:)
Just keep smiling!
Gianna’s Blog: http://misfitrevival.weebly.com/
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