Proud Teenage Christian Girl

September 29, 2016
Being a Christian does not mean you have just a religion, it is a relationship with the Lord. I don’t know about you but having Jesus as my friend keeps me going, even in my darkest times👑.
Being a Christian does not mean writing a bible verse in your bio or saying Jesus Is the king etc. Yes it God is your King share it with everyone, it is wonderful as long as you are genuine. What I am trying to say is good works and how you portray yourself in the world are not going to get you into heaven🌏. When you have a relationship with the Lord, or changes you, you now live God’s way and not the world’s way!

Of course we all make mistakes and do wrong things, Having Jesus as your friend does not mean live will be easy it means it will be bearable as he will always be by your side. Life is hard but Jesus died on the cross for us, that must have been incredibly tough!
Yes, people’s approval would be great but ultimately we are living for an audience of one and that is all that matters.
No not everyone is going to like that you are a Christian and it’s difficult to be the different person in the group. People might think being a Christian gives you limitations in life but actually it creates new life.
No my life is not perfect, no I’m not always happy and yes I struggle with this world. But I have to keep going and keep believing because everything in life does have a purpose. He has it all planned.
Ecclesiastes 3:11🍁
He has made everything beautiful in it’s time🌸
When reading that verse I never imagined how special that it would be to me. It tells me that my life will be beautiful again when it is ready he will calm my storm. This world is not our home, we are just passing through, it’s all about eternity💜.
So the question is where are you going?
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