regal hearts book review

Regal Hearts Book Review

November 24, 2017
Yay! Time to talk all about a really good book:) I love doing book reviews because reading is just so much fun and then when you get to blog about it, its just even better.
Regal Hearts Season 1 is by Livy Jarmusch
This is my second book that I’ve read by her and I absolutely love the way she creates her stories. She also wrote The Coronation which is one of my favourite books. You can check out her blog for more details on her writing:)
I suggest this book is perfect for the teenage girl, this book will make all your princess dreams come true haha. 

I absolutely love how Livy ties all the characters together, as this book involves many different characters with lots of different personalities you are able to connect with the character and enjoy their unique perspective on life. I always enjoy a book when you are able to enjoy each individual character and watch them grow. 

My favourite charcaters were Arden and Emma, not just because I agree with their love for ice cream but because I could really relate to Emma hiding behind a book. I loved seeing how she is starting to come out of her shell with Arden’s help,

Its a fun story bringing together characters in different walks of life and seeing them connect through ordinary things. It gives you insight to what its really like to be a popstar, an armish girl and then I could relate to the average girl.

If you would like to purchase this book, it comes in paperback or digital copies.

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