why blogging is hard

Sometimes Blogging is hard…

November 6, 2017
Last month I shared with you why I started blogging, this month I want to share with you why blogging can be hard for me sometimes even though I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. But to be real I wanted to share this with you because everything comes with negatives and positives. 
1. Time consuming
Blogging actually takes up a lot more time than I ever thought it did since I started learning what blogging requires. It isn’t just a quick write a post and then post it. It takes time plan it, have graphics and share it. For this season of life the fact that its takes up a lot of time is actually good thing but some weeks its harder than others especially when you lack ideas.
2. Comparison
Eek! One of my biggest struggles at the moment. I love reading others blog posts but sometimes my mind uses them to make a list of all the reasons their post is better than me. For example, their post is longer, has more views, better layout etc.Then I’ve got to remind myself why I am blogging and that its not about me. I talk about this in one of my recent videos too.
3. Lack of ideas
Some times I go weeks without ideas and that makes creating content really difficult because it takes the fun out of creating. Other weeks I’ll have lots of ideas and plan out a lot of content. Its an up and down struggle.
4. The fear of what other people think
I know I’ve talked about this before, but this really does make blogging and youtubing very hard even though it shouldn’t. I know it doesn’t matter but sometimes my mind tells me lies and I get so caught up in this fear that it takes the joy away.
5. Numbers

Another struggle, all the NUMBERS relating to all the different social media platforms and blog stats. This gets me down a lot because its hard to put a lot of work in and then have hardly anyone read it especially when over months the blog doesn’t grow. But then I again I need to re adjust my focus and get it back on Jesus.

So these are the 5 harder parts of blogging for me. 
If you’re a blogger or YouTuber, I’d love to hear what you find hard…


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