The A word and D word

The A word and the D word

November 13, 2017
The A word and the D word, the words that some days I feel like I am going to drown in. The words that I have push down or I’ll let them define me. 

A for anxiety and D for depression. 
If you don’t know me personally you probably wouldn’t know that these are words I face each day, with a side of OCD. (yes I just admitted that to the world;)
This is not a pity party but a rapidly increasing problem in the world that is apart of my story.
I recently read this blog post about how each persons story is enough and that was the final nudge from God to really share this part of my story, because this blog is all about me being your friend and encouraging you through my journey.
So lets pretend we were having coffee (well a milkshake in my case)
I’d tell you its been a rough few weeks but I’m slowly starting to see the light, but my mind has been a complete mess.
But 3 things to be thankful for:
1. God is still with me
2. My story is enough
3. This down time is not forever, there is going to be ups.
I can write these things with the hope in my heart because of Jesus.
So these two words are a very loud and big part of life but there is more to my journey than just this part of my story.
This post was little bits of my heart that I had written in my journal but turned into a blog post because this is real life with big struggles.
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