The Coronation Book Review

June 28, 2017


Today I get to write to you all about a book that is definitely one of my favourites. This book is written by Livy Jarmusch and is called The Coronation which is part of the Tales of Tarsurella.
I have nothing but good things to tell you about this book and I am so excited to be writing this review.
Though this book has many characters, each character is carefully developed and comes alive throughout the book. After getting to know the Royal Family you feel apart of it. The book really draws the reader into the story.
For myself as a teenage Christian girl it was easy to relate to the Princess’ thoughts and feelings. I felt as if I really engaged with the story and that made it come alive for me.
The story line is so complex and major plot twists take place that you wouldn’t except, making the book even more interesting.
I don’t want to give anything away because I want you all to be able to enjoy this book but what I will say is that when I least excepted it, the story took a whole new path.
I always enjoy a book that makes me not want to put it down and this was definitely one of them as each chapter ends you don’t want to leave the world of Tarsurella.
Now that you know how much I loved the story line and all the characters let me tell you a bit about everything.
This is the story of the oldest son, Prince Addison of Tarsurella getting ready to take the throne and rule his country. It includes all the events leading up to the event and continues into his first few months of being the King.
The main characters are the Royal Family of Tarsurella, a family of 8 siblings and the King,the Queen is deceased. Each character has a different personality and brings something unique to the family. Other characters include the many staff members, friends and international guests, which some turn into close friends.
I loved this book and found it was incredibly well written. I highly recommend this book for all teenage girls specifically but it could be enjoyed by many others.
For more information about the release of this book, check out http://livylynnblog.com/
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