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How to get over the pressure to prove?

April 27, 2019

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by pressure to prove something or be someone you are not? This is such a struggle I have faced for many years, sometimes I am the one who is putting all the pressure on myself! Eeek! This is not fun and is really crippling to achieving our goals and living out our everyday.

I want to share some tips of things I’ve learnt to help overcome this struggle and encouragement for this. I recently got to read Own Your Everyday by Jordan Lee Dooley before it came out for free as I was apart of the Launch team for this book and that’s where I really learnt about how to deal with this!

Here’s a quick review of my thoughts on Jordan’s book and then I’ll get into the tips:

I love how Jordan writes to you as friend! Her first chapter starts by putting things into perspective of what real life is and is a reality check to not put other people on a pedestal because of their following or title. Jordan has such a way with taking stories from her own life and bringing us right there with her and sharing what we can learn from it.

She speaks the truth in love and makes you second guess your insecurities. I love how everything comes back to the purpose of who we are and why we are here and how to let go the pressure to prove ourselves.She doesn’t sugar coat things and you feel understood by her relatable stories. It was so powerful when she drew a connection between her struggle with cystic acne and how our insecurities stem from what’s going on inside because it’s not something you would want to think about but she meets you there and provides truth to encourage and help you rethink things. It’s so easy to build walls around ourselves and create an ideal image for who we are but it always comes back to what’s going on in our hearts.

Jordan helps you uncover struggles and lies you are believing and encourages you to work through them.

What an absolutely amazing book! I highly recommend it. So full of wisdom and truth!

pressure to prove

Also I know these tips may seem overwhelming to actually implement because let’s be real sometimes advice is easier said than done and I totally get that! But I just want to share these tips in love and let you know that I don’t have all these things figured out and in hopes of boosting you to get started on being more confident and own your everyday as Jordan would say.

Identity the cause

We can’t deal with the issue until we know what’s really going on. So give yourself time to process it, try figure out where this pressure is coming from. It might not come straight away but giving yourself space to have a break and really think and sort through all your thoughts and emotions is super helpful!

Journal it out

I tell everyone to journal things haha, I’m just a HUGE journaling fan and it’s taken a while to get to this place. But going along with my first point, journaling is one of my favourite ways to get my thoughts out because it gives you the space to breath and process things in a way that best suits you without other peoples opinions clouding your judgement.

Surrender to God

During or after or before (whenever suits you) you’ve journaled, chat to God about what’s going on in your heart and mind. He know’s your thoughts and feelings and is right there with you so chat to Him as your friend.

Remember your identity

When we get so overwhelmed by the pressure and our feelings that we forgot who we are and that all these feelings do not define us. If you are a Christian, keep telling yourself that You are a Child of God, who is chosen and loved by Him. Your circumstances are not who you are.

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Be vulnerable

Once you kind of know a bit better whats actually going on, open up and share honestly with a trusted friend. Having someone share their experience and love you in this hard situation with whatever you are feeling is so special and helpful. You have to start by being vulnerable to have those kind of conversations.

Stop comparing

I don’t know about you but comparison is a big struggle for me and when I’m freaked out by pressure I often to numb it all and scroll through instagram (bad i know) and then comparison just goes wild. So don’t forget to put your comparison boundaries up especially when you are feeling more fragile.

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Don’t try do it all

I know the pressure feels like it’s going to crush you but don’t forget that we serve a big God, okay? You don’t have to juggling everything! You are allowed to rest and process and deal with things before you try get back up! Things do get better and your schedule doesn’t have to be fully booked for you to be considered successful!

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So keep going, keep believing in God’s goodness and read Jordan Lee Dooley’s new book, Own Your Everyday-it really is a game changer! Read all about here

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