August 1, 2017
Possessions. Items. Materialistic things. Worldly objects.
We become consumed by STUFF. As if these items give us worth.
We are constantly looking for something that will make us seem better.
Having the latest gadgets, coolest clothes or biggest house will not make you eternally content and happy.
As soon as we get something new we forget about our other stuff that we wanted so badly.
Happiness or Joy does not come from stuff, it can only come from Jesus.
To have your identity in Christ will keep you going not how much stuff you have.
There are people starving but we worry about what next we can have. We need to be aware of the differences between needs and wants.
Be grateful for your blessings.
Think about your stuff and your wants, ask yourself what does this stuff make me feel?
Material possessions are not the most important part of life.
Collect Moments, not things.
Hannah x
Original Post Date: 14 September 2016
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