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Tips for a better Bible Time

September 3, 2019

Are you struggling to know how to spend your Bible time? Unsure how to structure it? I’ve struggled too, trying different plans and routines to see what works best can be really difficult if you don’t know where to start.I hope this post can help guide you and give you some ideas and resources to help you. This is in no way the perfect way to do things but just what what personally helps me. 

I want to start by saying that devotional books are great and I love and use them (I even wrote one!)  but don’t think they should take the place of actually reading God’s word. I also enjoy having my Bible time in the morning but do whatever works best for you.

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I start by writing out my random thoughts and what I’ve been up to in my first journal then I’ll move on to prayer time. I don’t have a structured prayer routine figured out at the moment but i like to write out my prayers in another journal. I find that really helpful to look back on and stay focused. I also try to pray throughout the day without writing it down and don’t put pressure on myself to write everyday. 

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Reading + Studying the Bible

This part looks different in different seasons or days. As of right now I am reading through the whole Bible in a year so I am focusing on reading chapters at a time to get a better understanding of the big picture of the bible rather than reading smaller parts and unpacking them. When I do study the Bible I use an NIV journaling bible that way there is space to add notes about things I’m learning and provide context, to guide me in studying I like to use a commentary. 

Here are some resources to help you study and understand the Bible better:

  • The Basic Bible Course by Ashley Bruce of Created Mag-this course is so amazing! It’s a step by step guide that takes you through how to be more comfortable and confident when studying your Bible and resources that can help you. I’ve gone through this course and I highly recommend. Find out more here                                                                                      *I am an affiliate for this course, so if you choose to purchase this course I will receive a small commission with no extra charge to you. 
  • Women of the word by Jen Wilkin– this book is a gamechanger for the way I viewed the Bible and how I approached by Bible Time. A must read for every Christian girl!
  • A Bible Plan– The YouVersion Bible app has tons of options to fit many different topics, people and preferences. Another plan I have loved and used before is the Little Bible Plan, follow @christiangirls on instagram for more details. 
  • Commentaries: I have the Life application study Bible that I really love. The Blue Letter Bible app is one I’ve heard is great too. 
  • The Bible Project– I love watching their YouTube videos on a specific book I’m reading to get a better understanding of what the book is about and to understand the context. 
  • I have a free resource unpacking the book of Matthew in my resource library
  • Episode 11 of Living Created Podcast

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Devotional Books

After reading my Bible if I have a devotional book I’m currently reading then I’ll read that.  I’m currently reading a The Year of Living Happy by Alli Worthngton.

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I’d love to hear what your Bible time looks like and what your favourite resources are. Hope this post was helpful!

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