what is worship

What is worship?

March 27, 2019

At the time, I had no idea what the CD was called. All I knew was it was the one with the orange cover and it was by Michael W. Smith, who by the way, I had declared was my favourite singer (mostly because I didn’t know the name of any others). I had no idea that the album my dad played almost every morning, on the way to taking my baby brother and I to daycare, was an album entitled Worship. I didn’t know what my dad, brother, and I were doing each day was worshipping. All I knew was that my heart felt warm and safe and at peace on the way to daycare, and I was sad when that music had to stop. It was the music that I didn’t really know the words to, but I tried to sing anyways because I knew I wasn’t just singing, there was something more to it than that. I didn’t know exactly what that thing was, but I knew it was there. Even though toddler Meg may not have understood exactly what each word meant, the lyrics stuck in my mind all day long, and often were what helped me rest during nap time in the afternoons. And oh my goodness, the pure joy I felt when “Open the Eyes of My Heart” came on, because it was my FAVOuRITE song EVERRR!! Probably because of the lyric that says “holy, holy, holy” reminded me of one of my favourite TV shows Rolie Polie Olie. Why? Honestly, I have no idea, maybe because it rhymed? I don’t know. I have learned not to question my younger self lol, because I can’t understand. But my dad knew that was my favourite song, so he made an effort to play it each day, just so I could sing along and worship. I didn’t understand why that CD was my favourite. I didn’t understand that my dad singing his heart out as we drove down the highway was worship, but watching and hearing him made me want to do the same. The way my dad would bow his heart when the music turned on, made me want to do the same.

Why do I tell you about the worship experience I had as a little girl that I didn’t even realize was worship? Because those songs are so much more than words and honestly more than just songs. And every time I listen to that album, I am reminded of the power of childlike faith and the heart of worship.


Now when I listen to this same album, my heart and soul are captivated by the song “Heart of Worship”. I love the lyrics:

“I’ll bring You more than a song, for a song in itself,

is not what You have required.

You search much deeper within,

than the way things appear. You’re looking into my heart.

I’m coming back to the heart of worship

and it’s all about You, it’s all about You Jesus.

I’m sorry Lord for the thing I made it.

Because it’s all about You, it’s all about You Jesus.”

I love music. Sometimes I am almost certain that God engrained chords in my DNA and notes in my lungs because there are some days that I am convinced I wouldn’t be able to breathe if I didn’t have music. Most often I find this a blessing because I love to worship and I love to praise Jesus. But because I love music so so much, sometimes I find worship can become more about the music than the worship. I find that when I am in the sweetest, most vulnerable moments of worship, I can get extremely distracted. My mind starts to wander all over the place. Let me just give you a peek of some of the thoughts that might just enter my head:

“Am I singing in the right key?”

“Am I trying to sing the harmony right now? Or melody?”

“Am I really grasping the words of this song?”

“Ugh, this is not one of my favourites…”

“Why don’t I know any of the songs from this set?”

“Literally HOW do they play that chord progression?! it sounds SO good!”

“OOOO! That base line though!”

“Yes, yes, yes! Here comes the bridge!!!”

Most of those thoughts have nothing inherently wrong with them. The problem is that sometimes I get so enveloped in the music, that I forget worship isn’t really about the chord progression or even if I like the song set that morning. It’s about my heart and soul repeating, “Jesus, this is all about You. This is all for You. Thank you for who You are.”

And I don’t know, maybe I am a crazy person and I’m the only one who struggles with this… 😉 Or maybe you aren’t in the exact same situation, but I’m sure you understand the struggle of distractions. SO many… Oh my goodness. Because worship is such a sweet and precious time between us and the Lord, there is some major attack bound to happen. Because the truth is, Satan doesn’t want either of us to worship. I have to constantly remind myself that worship isn’t just about the music or even the words of the song, but how that music is being played and how those lyrics are being sung to glorify Christ. I have to be reigned into the heart of worship, time after time. It’s not about me, it’s about praising the One who made me, Christ.

And this isn’t to say that God didn’t design music or that we shouldn’t love music! God has truly blessed us with music! It is such a beautiful blessing! In fact, I actually learned in my psychology class that there is a specific part of the brain that is designed just for music!! Okay, how cool is it that God designed us to love music? He literally created us to worship!

However, worship doesn’t always equal music. And sometimes I get that confused. Worship isn’t limited to lyrics, a chorus, or a bridge and it does not have to be confined within the walls of a church sanctuary. Worship is a lifestyle where we get the humble and blessed opportunity to bow our hearts before God and praise Him for who He is, and just because He is so good, He loves to lean down and speak to us too.

“We thank You, God, we thank You. Your Name is our favourite word; Your mighty works are all we talk about.”

Psalm 75:1

Author of this post: Megan Harmon

Hi hi! I’m Meg. Just your average 19-year-old girl, excited about life, well at least most of the time, am I right? Right now I am finishing up my first year of college and lemme tell you, has that been an adventure!! A couple of random facts about me are, I love cats because look at those cute lil fluffy balls of adorableness! How can you not love them?! I love coffee dates because coffee plus people I love, usually centered around a conversation about Jesus, seriously how can it get better than that? My favourite colour is yellow because I think it’s the most beautiful sunshiney colour EVER! And I love making people smile!! It’s probably my favourite hobby 😉 well and music of course, as you can probably tell from this blog post hehe! But I think my favourite thing about life is that I get to live it for Jesus. He is everything to me and I love Him so dearly. And my favorite thing about walking with Him is getting to worship Him. Every chance I get to come before Him and praise His precious Name, I take, because He is so deserving of it, and I just honestly can’t help myself! My heart just fills up with joy and the best way for me to let it out is through worship.

Stock Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

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