What to do when independence fails you?

What to do when independence fails you?

October 18, 2018

I was ready, it was finally time to embark on this new journey. I was going into high school, the one I dreamed about. This was going to be my fresh start and everything was going to be perfect.

And then reality hit. School was hard, friendships were hard and things inside me were hard.

Why did this dream flop? I was going to be a great high school girl that was independent and had lots of friends and who was super involved.

Yes I prayed about this decision and I included God into my decision but on my terms.

God taught me so many lessons through this hard season. I want to talk about the independence factor.

I wanted to do this next phase alone. I wanted to make these things happen. But it didn’t work out. God was working in me, preparing me to work through an even harder season and bring me through the other side.

He put the realistic side of my brain back into my body. He give a new perspective on life. He changed this journey of independence to a journey of divine dependence.

what to do when independence fails you?

Not giving my dreams to God, didn’t work. He has the plan for my life, he has created me and he gets the glory.

When fully relying on him, you can let Him lead you. We can learn to follow Him.

We fail all the time, we never measure up. But HE does, He is the king. And because of who He is we can have complete dependence on Him.

So what do you do when your independence fails you, you turn to God and embrace the journey of divine dependence.

This post was inspired by my good friend Meg.



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