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September 7, 2017
I’m me but because I’m human I have issues, it’s life.
In my posts and if you know me, you can probably tell that I’m not the happiest of people right now.
This is just a season, it is not my whole life and my problems do not define me as a person.
Something that I’ve always struggled with is Friends. When you are always alone and people don’t want to be your friend, it is extremely hard. In all those time when I have had no friends, God is always my friend and he never leaves me or rejects me.
I am an anxious person which does not help matters at all…
School and I never really get along. School is a constant struggle but this year I hit complete breaking point, like shut down mode. It was not fun!
I had all these years of school struggles piling up and this year I just hit the ground. I physically and mentally was drained from school but actually life in general.
Life felt like everything was falling on top of me, like everything just fell apart.
That break down happened a few months ago and right now I’m doing a little bit better.
God is bigger than my problems, when I am sad he is there, when I am happy he is there. God gives me strength to face each day and I can honestly say that that is the only reason I am surviving.
Without God there is no point to life.
I love this verse in Philippians 1:29, Your pain has purpose. That is a reminder to keep on going because this pain is for a reason.
That reason is unknown but he is God so he’s got it covered:)
I am not that easy go with the flow girl. I’m just not and that is okay. I have finally accepted this and that is a BIG DEAL! I am different but so what!
Even though being different is not exactly the easiest thing and the struggles in life are hitting me hard but the point is I am the person who God created me to be.
Yes, I have crazy quirks and I’m not the most confident person, no I don’t have many friends and yes I am a control freak that is trying to be less controlling and no I AM NOT PERFECT but God is and that is all that matters.
The point is my life has hope. I have hope and my pain has purpose.
Hannah x
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