Who am I?

August 6, 2016

YAY! First blog post…
I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time but never did, so I just did it-NOW WE HAVE THE DIFFERENT BLOG SITE…
I always seem to ramble on about something that is off topic… but that is me!
Who am I and who is the person I want to become is a question that often bugs me.
I am that girl who is invisible to everyone, I am that girl that sits alone on a bench, I am that girl who never says anything so no one else needs to be hurt, I am that girl who no one knows, I am that girl who is considered a freak,I am that girl that plans everything, I am a crazy dreamer, I am that girl with problems, but you know what I AM HANNAH and that is who I am. Everyone’s labels that they put on me should not affect me because I AM A DAUGHTER OF THE ONE TRUE KING,my identity is in Christ alone.
God is the ultimate judge and all these worldly labels and hardships are God’s way of testing us. He has everything planned and is in complete control.
So what if I’m that different girl, who sticks out. God made me this way and I’m living my life for him and not for anyone else’s acceptance or approval.
My friend recently asked me What makes me happy? Right now in this time of my life, I had to think real hard about what does make me happy… I know I feel happy when I’m helping at the Sunday School at church but in day to day life I think what makes me happy inside is, knowing I am saved and the reassurance that knowing God is in control. Something else that makes me happy is being in nature and taking photo’s of God’s creation.
So who am I? I’m the different girl who is a daughter of the one true king. And I’m proud to be me.
Be different.
H x

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