Why Different?

October 10, 2016
What does Different even mean?
(we always need to know what words mean!haha😉💜)
Not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality
Why do I call myself @thedifferentgirl_ on Instagram or why did I call my blog, The Different Blog ?

Well, I’m a teenage girl with a passion for God.
I’ve had many struggles in my life so far but I’m hanging on to the hope of God’s word!
I’m different from most people, I struggle socially, mentally and physically.
I’m not the sporty type, I’m not the girl with lots of friends and I’m not the musical type.
I’m just a girl who is pretty average but I’m different.
And so recently I’ve started to embrace the fact that I’m different and that I am who I am for a reason.
I’m a crazy planner, a dreamer and hectic organisation control freak, loves serving others, I absolutely love children and I’m Hannah!
My blog is called the different blog as I have chosen to not have a fashion, food or travel etc. blog. It’s rather I big mush of everything I love, struggle with or what God teaches me. Yes I love travelling but it’s not a blog dedicated to specific topics. Whatever I want to write about I do! The theme of this Instagram account and my blog is basically my trying to embrace the fact that I’m different and that individuality is important to me, to have something that I love doing and to Glorify God in the process. Because he is almighty King of this world!
So that’s a bit about me and my crazy personality💚. I treasure other peoples personalities as everyone deserves to be someone💙. I’m going to make mistakes along the rest of my journey because I’m human but God loves me and I’m trying to life my life in a different way for him💜 to spread his word.

Hannah aka The different girl👣
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