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Why I love the Christy Miller series

September 25, 2017
One of my favourite book series of all time is the Christy Miller Series by Robin Jones Gunn.  They always excite me and I thought why not get all the excitement down in writing, haha. I just have to share these books with you and encourage you to read them.
Personally I feel these books are aimed at high school and maybe college girls. The series follows along the journey of a teenage girl,Christy Miller. It takes us along her life through high school, college then marriage and finally when she has children. 
As you go along her journey of life with her you are able to learn the lessons with her. We get to be apart of her ups and downs. By the time I finished the series I felt like I had made a friend for life ( secretly wishes these books were based on real life characters;)
Throughout the series the relationship between Todd and Christy grows, we are given an example of what a Christ centered relationship looks like. Within Christy’s friendships too, I was able to really understand what it means to support a friend and the importance of friendship was. 
I found it helpful to read the way Christy navigated life from a Christian perspective and how she was able to keep living for Jesus even when it got hard and when the world threw its temptations.
Through each phase of their lives you are clearly shown that God is very much active and working in their lives.
These books helped me be excited for life and encouraged me to enjoy each season.
I highly recommend these books, they have a very special place in my heart and I’ll be re reading them over and over again!
Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash
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