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Why I started BLOGGING?

October 23, 2017

I had wanted a blog for years and then I finally had the courage to start one. 

I started my first ever blog in August 2016 on the free WordPress.com site. The thing that pushed me to start a blog was the previous month I had started a Christian Instagram account.
The account started off as a way for me to get out what I was feeling and just to share my adventures and my Jesus journey. I had found lots of other people sharing devotionals through Christian accounts and I loved the postivity and encouragement. It was a different community on Instagram and I wanted to be apart of it. 
So that was the first step of courage which led to the first blog. When I say courage I mean it was quite a big deal because I absolutely have no confidence in my writing, it’s gotten a bit better but still its a major struggle. 
Anyway, from my Instagram to blog I had the theme of ‘being different’ which later changed to The Different Girl. Behind this is my own struggles with being myself and accepting my differences. I have loved the phrase “Be Different” for years but only recently did I accept that I am different but also that being different is actually a good thing and so I wanted to create a way to put my passion for this out there and create something I enjoyed doing.
Then from the free WordPress site I changed over to having my own domain and theme in this August. I wanted to customize my blog and make it more my own. 
There are ups and downs of blogging, which I’m working on sharing with you all. 
So basically I started blogging for myself but then turned into a passion to encourage others. All I want to do is share my life with others because ultimately all I am is because of Jesus, I want others to smile and to feel loved. 
I’m so happy that God put it on my heart to blog because I always wanted to have one special thing that was ‘my thing’ which is a whole different story but my point is I have that blogging and connecting with others is something I love. 
This is my blogging story, I hope it inspires you!


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