August 1, 2017
Some words hurt.
Some words make us cry.
Some words make us smile.
Some words make us laugh.
Some say very little words and others say far too many.
But the point is, we hear millions of words everyday.
The definition of a Word: A single distinct meaningful element of speech or writing.
When we hear things it can either affect us in a good way or a bay way.
Encourage others with your words, don’t bring them down.
Try be positive instead of negative (THIS IS SO HARD!)
If you appreciate someone let them know because that could the reason they smile today.
Communicate your feelings so things don’t build up and explode.Express yourself and feelings in a way that is honest but still kind.
Don’t stay silent if you know your words are going to help someone, BUT think before your words hurt someone.
Be who God created you to be, speak God’s words and not the world’s words.
Words mean a lot. Your words count.
Tell people words to make them smile.
H x
Original Post Date:18 August 2016
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